Zenbunni Rejuvenation Chocolate

Zenbunni Rejuvenation Chocolate


The rejuvenation bar has a synergistic blend of very specific medicinal herbs, berries, and flowers that have clinically been proven to improve skin cells.

Ingredients: biodynamic & organic seabuckthorn, camu camu, schizandra, pearl, calendula flowers, carrot seed, chamomile, 70% cacao, cane jaggery.

Healing properties: nourishing lipid layers, collagen producing, tonifying skin cells, suncreening capabilities.

Planetary sign: neptune

Element: water

Free of dairy, gluten, soy and refined sugar. 
Stone ground microcosmic chocolate.

Microcosmic bars are small, hence micro – roughly the size of a domino – 9gr each.

Serving size 1 bar: 1/3oz (9gr)