Rose Quartz Butterfly Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Butterfly Gua Sha

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Each Rose Quartz Butterfly Gua Sha Wrinkle Eraser is cleansed with sage and infused with a healing vibration.

Approximately 3" x 4".

● Shades may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form.

Reclaim your youth with our green aventurine gua sha tool. Our holistic facial stone will generate new collagen leaving you with a radiant vibrant glow. A non surgical way to reduce wrinkles on the face by healing and removing energetic density. Also can be used to detoxify your entire body through pressured massage.

Rose quartz is the ultimate stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love and balance. The magic of rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote self-love, emotional bonding, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.