Root + Sky Protect

Root + Sky Protect


Want stronger boundaries? Struggle with other peoples energies effecting you?  

This gem essence is hand crafted infusing each bottle with a blend of crystals designed to let you harness their protective vibrational charge and enjoy the benefits of their support.

Created with intention under a harvest moon, this elixir packs an extra planetary punch. You are absorbing not only the crystal charge but also the new moon's mystical energy.

Fortify your boundaries and shield yourself from negative energy. 

Contains essences of:

Smoky quartz, to ground and neutralize negative energy.

Malachite, strong protective energy.

Black tourmaline, protects from emotional and energetic advances, helps remove negative energies.

Jet, helps you navigate through challenging times, clear out negative energies and emotions.

Red tigers eye, promotes positivity, love of life and emotional well being.

Preserved in brandy and rosewater.

Take a few drops on your tongue or add to your water bottle to infuse yourself with protective energy. Fortify your boundaries and shield yourself.

1oz bottle.