Root + Sky Intuition

Root + Sky Intuition

This gem essence is hand crafted infusing each bottle with a blend of crystals designed to let you harness their vibrational charge and enjoy the benefits of their support - an intuitive boost in a bottle, easy to use as part of your morning routine or magic ritual.

Created with intention under a black new moon, this elixir packs an extra planetary punch. You are absorbing not only the crystal charge but also the new moon's mystical energy.

Unlock your inner voice. Listen to yourself and hear your deep truths.

Contains essences of:

Blue topaz, magnifies your physic abilities, promotes sharing and communication.  

Blue aventurine, to clear out old energy and make space for inner growth and spiritual work.

Lapis, to connect to your inner truth and intuition.

Blue calcite, extremely calming and soothing, helps you hear your own needs.

Amethyst, extremely soothing, helps you relax and connect with yourself.

Angel aura quartz to enhance communication with your spirit guides and guardians, promotes inner peace.

Preserved in brandy and rosewater.

Take a few drops on your tongue or add to your water bottle to infuse yourself with an intuitive and magical boost.

1oz bottle.