Psychic Intuition Candle
Psychic Intuition Candle

Psychic Intuition Candle


Crystal Cactus and House of Good Juju have collaborated together to create a magically unique blend of the highest grade essential oils, herbs, and soy wax to Inspire the Magick and Mystic Within.

The Crystal Cactus Soy Candle crafted on a Full Moon to inspire and empower your mystic dreams, alchemy, and magick that lies within. Soy wax is infused with Frankincense (accelerates psychic visions, enables communication to the spirit realm), Sandalwood (allows for greater intuition and sense of awareness, particularly when opening the third eye), Orange (brings divination and is a spiritual protector), and Lavender (stimulates the psychic and visionary senses, used for vision work, magickal dreamwork, meditation, honors the Ancient Ones, opens psychic centers, and spirit contact). The tops are adorned with Star Anise (increases psychic powers), Mugwort (brings prophecy and divination success), Palo Santo Wood (increases prophetic visions), Amethyst (increases spirituality and enhances intuition and psychic powers of all kinds), and Labradorite (awakens one's own awareness of inner spirit, intuition, and psychic abilities).

Each candle is blessed with the powerful mantra, "Om Ham Namo Akash Devaya," to gain clairvoyance and psychic ability, then bathed in the Full Moon's energy.

Average burn time is 40 hours.

11 oz. in White Glass Container 

Burn carefully + never leave lit candles unattended.