Marie Antoinette Bathing Oil
Marie Antoinette Bathing Oil

Marie Antoinette Bathing Oil


Curated with the highest grade essential oils; vanilla, orange blossom, lavender, bergamot, red poppy, amber, almond oil, moonstone, clear quartz & magic. 

The 18th century marked a turning point for perfumery. French society hit its luxurious apotheosis under Louis XVI. His legendary queen, Marie-Antoinette, had a passion for extravagant aesthetics. The purpose of perfume was not purely to smell good but to also act as a form of artistic expression. Based on Marie's favorite flower fragrances that her personal perfumer, Jean-Louis Fargeon used, we have recreated a crystal infused version of what the famous Queen's scent might have been.

Shake well before using. 2 oz.

Moonstone holds the power of mystery. Its secrets are locked beneath a pearly veil, and with them, our own hidden truths. Also known as the ultimate fertility crystal, a Moonstone worn during lovemaking on a full moon harmonizes the body into its natural lunar cycle. Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Moon was known in legend to have worn Moonstone for its enchantingly powerful properties.

Clear Quartz has been considered a "Master Crystal" for ages due to its magical ability to amplify and generate the energy of any other crystal or crystals it is paired with or placed near. Clear Quartz is known to banish negativity of any kind while revitalizing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. It is a deep soul cleanser that emits a bewitching energy to enhance psychic abilities. According to legends of the ancient world, Clear Quartz was thought to be water from the heavens that the Gods had frozen into eternal ice.