Le Soleil Citrine Candle
Le Soleil Citrine Candle

Le Soleil Citrine Candle


Connect with your courage and the power of the Sun with Le Soleil, an invigorating blend of citrus, rose and jasmine topped with chunks of Citrine. 

Le Soleil taps in to the alchemy of the sun: the creative, original energy that we all possess. This 8.5 ounce, all-natural soy candle pairs perfectly with its feminine counterpart, La Lune, or can be enjoyed individually in its own right.

The mystical qualities of Citrine date all the way back to the era of the ancient Romans and Greeks. This crystal was thought to brighten life and eradicate darkness and was carried for protection against evil thoughts, plagues, and snake venom. Citrine also possesses the magical ability to remove misconceptions and enhance intellect. Demeter, the Greek Goddess of Harvest, is also commonly associated with Citrine due to its energy of drawing abundance.

Burn time is 40-50 hours.

Burn carefully + never leave lit candles unattended.