Gardenia Quartz Healing Water

Gardenia Quartz Healing Water


Each Gardenia Quartz Healing Water is cleansed with sage and infused with a healing vibration. Curated with the highest grade essential gardenia oil, filtered water, clear quartz and magic.

Shake well before using. 2 oz. bottle.

Throughout ancient lore gardenias were used in love spells, and to attract good vibes at all times. Gardenia flowers are know to have an extremely high spiritual vibration. Mist throughout your room, over your aura or directly on your damp body after bathing for increased magic, peace + harmony. 

Clear Quartz has been considered a "Master Crystal" for ages due to its magical ability to amplify and generate the energy of any other crystal or crystals it is paired with or placed near. Clear Quartz is known to banish negativity of any kind while revitalizing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. It is a deep soul cleanser that emits a bewitching energy to enhance psychic abilities. According to legends of the ancient world, Clear Quartz was thought to be water from the heavens that the Gods had frozen into eternal ice.