Fat and the Moon Earth Eye Coal

Fat and the Moon Earth Eye Coal


Dab a bit of Earth Eye Coal near the edge of the top lash and bam - you've got some subtle impact. Earth is a chocolatey, rich soil brown. Wear like the Earth God/dess you are.

Because the Eye Coal is in pot form, the color can be rich and dense, something one sacrifices when eyeliner is in a stick and needs more wax to keep its shape. The sunflower oil base sinks into your skin, letting the pigment chill in place.

Apply with a makeup brush for more defined Cleopatra looks. When applying the Eye Coal with a makeup brush first apply a bit of face powder or cosmetic clay to your eyelid starting at the base of your lashes. The Clay/powder will give the Eye Coal something to sink into and will keep your liner on sharper and longer.

For that mysterious smoky appeal, apply with a squeaky clean finger on the water line of your bottom eye lid then close your eyes together hard to get the coal on the top inner lid and smudge the way you like.

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, brown oxide powder, white clay, organic arrowroot starch, beeswax. 

Use within 6 months of purchase. 

0.25 fl. oz.