Chakra Balancing Candle
Chakra Balancing Candle

Chakra Balancing Candle


Chakras are entry gates of the aura. If unbalanced, they can affect us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Open chakras allow your life energy to flow naturally.

The Chakra Balancing Soy Candle helps to balance your auric field. It contains 7 herbs, 7 essential oils, and 7 healing crystals to bring harmony and alignment within.

● Root chakra / myrrh essential oil, dandelion root + red jasper.

● Sacral chakra / sandalwood essential oil, calendula + carnelian.

● Solar plexus chakra / frankincense essential oil, marshmallow + citrine.

● Heart chakra / rosemary essential oil, hawthorne berry + rose quartz.

● Throat chakra / lavender essential oil, red clover blossoms + aquamarine.

● Third eye chakra / vanilla essential oil, mugwort + lapis.

● Crown chakra / jasmine essential oil, lavender + amethyst.

This candle was created on a full moon, when chakras are most open. A time of purification.  A full moon is always a powerful time for recharging your energy field and chakras. Each candle is blessed with a powerful mantra and then bathed under the light of the moon.

Average burn time is 40 hours.

Burn carefully + never leave lit candles unattended.