Black Tourmaline Chakra Balancing Necklace
Black Tourmaline Chakra Balancing Necklace

Black Tourmaline Chakra Balancing Necklace


Each Black Tourmaline Chakra Balancing Necklace is cleansed with sage and infused with a healing vibration.

● Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form.

The ancient magic of black tourmaline is renowned for its powerful protective and grounding qualities. Black tourmaline is one of the most used stones in ritual work for protection against dark energy due to its ability to transmute darkness into light. This stone is also regarded as a mystical talisman of luck that evokes a strong psychic shield from destructive forces. 

Featuring garnet, carnelian, citrine, turquoise, lapis, and amethyst stones, chosen not only for their beauty, but also for their magical healing abilities. The stones & their placement were carefully chosen to represent each of the 7 chakras. The rainbow of stones correspond to the energy chakras within the body. Starting at the crown chakra and going all the way down to the root chakra, these magical crystals help to balance the energy within. 

Jasper is a most enchanting crystal as it has been used for centuries within many different cultures for its powerful life force energy. It incites stability and balances the energies within. From enhancing fertility to being worn as a talisman for protection, it was also built into the hilt of a sword to invoke courage to slay a fierce dragon. Jasper's magical qualities are nothing short of otherworldly.