Athena Spirit Quartz Necklace

Athena Spirit Quartz Necklace

Each Athena Spirit Quartz necklace is cleansed with sage and infused with a healing vibration on a 18" gold plated chain.

● Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form.

In the metaphysical world, Spirit Quartz is a crystal of Harmony and Alignment. It takes all the crystal energies of the main stone and amplifies them over and over again in all the tiny points, each reflecting light back and forth to one another so all can bathe in the combined radiance of the whole. Its resonance is spiritually uplifting, radiating high-vibrational energy in all directions, and is a perfect ally in aligning the aura, chakras, meridians and the physical body, as well as carrying the gifts of Spirit out into the world.

Its pale lilac to deep purple hues activate the higher Crown chakras, bringing in spiritual information and providing multi-dimensional healing. It is very cleansing to the aura and can dispel negative attachments and entities, while assisting in repairing holes to the etheric body. It is a rare compassionate stone facilitating transition to other states of being.