Crystal Cactus Atelier


Where products are curated using only exclusive custom-made Crystal Cactus fabrics, premier patterns and signature motifs. Each order is hand packaged and elegantly presented in our complimentary signature gift wrapping.



All Crystal Cactus textiles items are one of a kind. There are no two products in our shop that are exactly the same. Even fabrics from the same dye lot can often exhibit a unique patterning of colors based on the nature of custom printing on organic textiles.

We sustainably produce in small quantities with an emphasis on artisan based production practices. 

We believe creativity stems from inspirational surroundings and elevated environments. The studio’s interiors are adorned with velvet drapes, chinoiserie wallpapers, oriental rugs and neoclassical sculptures. The space also features an aromatic botanical garden decor that doubles as a creative in-house floristry.