Nymphaea Goddess Lotus Bath
Nymphaea Goddess Lotus Bath

Nymphaea Goddess Lotus Bath

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Curated with rose buds, pink himalayan sea salt, nymphaea blue lotus, raw green calcite + magic.  

Comes with 2 reusable muslin pouches.

Enough for two baths. 8 oz.

Bathe in the divine essence of the rare nymphaea blue lotus to invoke a state of tranquility and euphoria. Used since ancient times by only the most royal queens.

In aromatherapy nymphaea produces psychoactive effects that invoke a divine essence while conjuring the feelings of tranquility and euphoria. The blue lotus water lily flower also has a potent sexual effect on people, acting as a natural aphrodisiac.

Calcite increases and amplifies energy. This is a protecting, grounding, and centering stone. It promotes creativity and imagination. Its mystical powers are helpful in astral travel and in channeling, as well as increasing intuition. Each crystal possesses magical properties that can be used to clear negativity in the environment.  

All of our products are handmade in small batches using only organic and pure ingredients in order to keep the healing vibrations as high as possible. Use within 8 months of purchase date.