Blue Lotus Aphrodisiac Mist

Blue Lotus Aphrodisiac Mist

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Curated with; blue lotus essential oil, distilled water, grape spirits  + amethyst.

Spray lavishly on garments and damp skin.

Shake well before using. 1 oz. 

Blue Lotus flowers vibrate at a tranquil frequency, inspiring feelings of enhanced euphoria. 

Organic essential oils have the highest frequency of any measured natural substance. We amplify their healing effects by infusing the power of crystals. Restore your aura back to its natural harmonic resonance with consistent use and positive intent.

Amethyst promotes balance, tranquility and peace. It soothes the soul, lifts spirits and calms the mind. 

All of our products are handmade in small batches using only organic and pure ingredients. Use within 8 months of purchase date.