How To Grow A Mini Meadow

How To Grow A Mini Meadow

A meadow brings the charm of untamed nature into the garden space. You don’t need to live in a pastoral landscape to enjoy the boundless beauty of wildflowers at home. 

The main feature of a mini-meadow is a diverse mix of easy to grow low-maintenance annuals like zinnias, red poppies, cosmos, sunflowers, plains coreopsis and queen annes lace. 

There are three main methods for growing a mini meadow:

1. Create an area from scratch on a patch of bare soil. 

2. Enhance an existing lawn or empty garden bed. 

3. Sow seeds in pots, containers and window boxes. 

Once you’ve got a sunny area picked out, the next step is to prepare the area for planting.

Lay out some fresh top soil and sow your seeds after the last frost in early spring. If you water daily and keep weeds to a minimum your meadow should be growing vigorously within a few weeks.

Create your own beauty through the alluring gifts of nature.